Within our junior and adult programs students have the added option to train in traditional weapons.

Initially this sounds dangerous but students first learn with foam safety weapons.

Classes will make sure that students are proficient in the basics before moving on.

Weapons can greatly improve empty hand techniques and provide a way of fine tuning all of a persons senses and motor skills.

Most weapons are taught for demonstration purposes and when used by an advanced student make for breath taking displays.

Weapons taught at the academy are

       Bo Staff-Long tapered pole used for strikes, thrusts, blocks and spins

      Kama-A bladed sickle type weapon used for flashy spins, cuts, strikes

       Sword-students can train in the ways of the ancient samurai

       Sai Daggers-a three pronged dagger which is used for blocking, thrusting strikes

       Nun Chaku-Basically a chain between two handles made famous by the legendary Bruce Lee