Our adult classes combine many training methods from other styles of martial arts to make learning not only interesting but beneficial in terms of having a well-rounded self defence system.

Students learn techniques from kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Boxing and of course our main style-Taekwondo.

Our adult classes are split between Beginner to intermediate and advanced so that each student is learning at the appropriate rate and receiving the level of instruction they need.

Classes are for all abilities, ages and fitness levels and students are reminded that they can work at their own pace at all times.

No student is ever forced to undertake a level of training which is too intense for them although instructors are always on hand to challenge those who want to push their own limits.

As a family orientated school, sessions are always friendly and at times light hearted but the underlying theme is for everyone to work as hard as possible and to become the best they can be.

Rarely will adults and juniors train together (maybe only during special seminars) as the needs of the two age groups are very different which is reflected in the training.

As an adult training at Jamie Woodlands Academy you can be sure of getting a great workout, learning effective technique, developing great fitness, strength and flexibility, de stressing and boosting energy, making new friends and finding a new skill which will keep you challenged and striving to reach many goals for years to come.

The stress of today's pressure packed world can derail almost anyone, personally or professionally if they don't have the internal strength to achieve their goals.

Imagine having the clarity to know exactly what you want to accomplish and the mental strength to excel at whatever you set your mind to. That's what members learn at our Academy.

As if that's not enough, we make it enjoyable so our members love coming back for more.

Stop by anytime and see for yourself.