At the academy we like to include kickboxing in our Taekwondo sessions as well as having sessions dedicated to this style on its own

Kickboxing is believed to have developed in the 1970s in America and was a combination of Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai.

Over the years we have had many of the early pioneers of this style visit the academy and teach.

Legends and multiple world champions like Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace, Jeff Smith and Joe Lewis, who is regarded by some  as the first ever martial artist to kickbox have all given us an insight into this fantastic way of training.

Combined with our Taekwondo makes this a fun, physically rewarding and highly motivating class. Our kickboxing classes emphasise the following elements :


       Pad training using focus mitts/thai pads and shields to develop speed, power, timing, correct and accurate striking and effective head and body movement for good defense


       Footwork and movement based training using skipping, agility ladders and plyometrics to improve speed and fluidity of all the evasive and attacking moves used in sparring.


       Fitness training incorporates sprinting, body weight exercises (push ups, squats etc.), stretching, kettlebells and medicine balls. Physical fitness and conditioning is very important in kickboxing and using the methods we do will increase a students all round physical fitness at a pace that suits them. The sessions will help someone wishing to increase fitness and wellbeing, lose weight or increase muscle tone and will also cater for high level athletes who are maybe thinking about competing.


Our kickboxing will truly give you a great workout and provide you with many skills for both self defense and sport.

As you see results, your confidence will soar and that combined with training with a great group of friends will boost your motivation and energy levels to a great level.