We operate our academy on a full time basis with classes over 7 days a week.

Based at  16 Coombend, Radstock, BA3 3AJ, our main training area (Dojang) is fully matted with 40mm jigsaw mats with 2 areas marked out as competition arenas using a contrasting red on blue.

We have studio mirrors and too many items of training equipment to mention although there are a large amount of pads/shields for striking, punch bags, grappling dummies, skipping ropes and various training and fitness tools.

We have a seating area at the back where parents can watch classes in action with tea/coffee making facilities, lucozade chiller and sports drinks/supplements.

There is a pro shop on site stocked with every item of martial arts equipment a student could need including suits, sparring equipment, and club t.shirts.

In addition to this area we have a fully equipped gym on the first floor with everything you might find in a gym from treadmills, bikes and cross trainers to rowers, free weights, resistance machines, kettlebells, medicine balls, swiss balls and a power plate.

Our gym is frequently used by parents who wish to get fit whilst their children are in classes as well as being open to the general public.

Take the tour of our academy by navigating the virtual tour on the home page; follow the route out of the door, down the stairs and left at the front door to find our gym.