Taekwondo basically translates as 'the art of devastating punching and kicking' although the real essence of the art is much deeper than this. A full understanding of the translation would include the centuries old tradition of unifying the mind and body through training and discipline.

At Jamie Woodlands Blackbelt Academy we aim to specialize in the art of Taekwondo to give our students a solid foundation in martial arts.


Our taekwondo classes have many aspects, some are listed here :

        Fundamental techniques (learning how to perform punches, kicks and blocks correctly and accurately.

       Patterns - sequences of set moves designed to improve co-ordination, power, flexibility, posture and muscle tone.

       Sparring - using the techniques learnt against an opponent in a controlled environment to improve defense, reaction and endurance. Some students may want to take their sparring to another level and compete in a tournament which is something that isn't pushed at the academy but supported if students wish to do so.

      Self defense - Using techniques like wrist locks, throws and takedowns and also mental and psychological tactics to diffuse an attack situation or deter a bully. Non conflict resolution is something worked on here.

       Board breaking/destruction - using accuracy, great technique focus and courage, students aim to break boards, tiles or at advanced level various slabs/stone.

       Padwork/bagwork/kickshields - Students learn to develop power, co-ordination, combinations, speed and cardio vascular endurance. Striking pads is great for getting rid of stress and is one of our favourite areas of training.

      Gradings and theory - Students have the option to move up through the belt ranks and one day achieve black belt. This is done by grading. When a student is ready and all of the above are up to the standard at the current belt, they can then test for the next belt. At grading students will be asked questions about what they have been learning which makes achieving belts both physically and mentally challenging.

       Discipline/respect/etiquette - Although last on the list we believe that these attributes are the most important and try to instil this in all students. We hope that by doing this, it helps build better students and a better community.